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Your website isn't performing to its potential

Most websites are leaking money. I'll work with you to find the issues and help solve them

There are a number of ways your website could be underperforming which is why research into your visitors behaviour is essential. Improving the UX of your website not only helps your customers but can also reduce PPC and SEO costs as conversion rates increase.

To achieve results I use a combination of methods including...

  • Listening to your customers voice to understand their pain points
  • Applying analytic tools to find out whats happening on your website
  • Using this information to create designs which solve the problems
  • Coding these designs into prototypes or development ready code
UX design process

Simon is that rare talent – a talented and creative designer who produces great work, who can also think strategically. He is creative, organized, and a terrific collaborator. Eric Cohen – a2xconsulting

You need someone who can multitask

Specialists are great in their right place however most small to medium businesses and startups don't have the budget for a dedicated UX researcher, visual designer and front end developer. Thats where I come in...

UX research


UX relies on research first and foremost. You need to hear and understand your customer and their needs using some of the techniques outlined below.

UX design


User feedback and analytics informs the design phase. From this we sketch and wireframe the concepts before shaping these into polished mockups.

UX development


I have years of experience building websites so can put together prototypes and production ready code or update existing webpages for A/B tests

The UX research process

Every UX project should start with research. Previously this could be costly but there are many affordable remote tools and processes available that we can use to get customer feedback including...


Big data is everywhere these days – we’ll use meaningful analytics to discover exactly whats going on.


See where you customers are clicking on your webpages to understand what information they are looking for.


I’ll collaborate on sketches and wireframes with you to identify what design elements we need to change.


You need to build a picture of who your customers are. Understand their needs, frustrations and behaviours.

Competitor benchmarking
Competitor Research

Find out what your competitors are doing - what are the best practises your customers are used to?

Remote user testing
User Testing

Remote user testing is a cheap (£30 per user) and effective way to see how people use your website.


Get into the head of your customers with online surveys that reveal new insights into their behaviour.

A/B tests
A/B Tests

Find out which designs perform best by sending traffic to two variations until a winner is declared.


Here's a few answers to some common questions. If there's anything else you'd like to ask please get in touch

What is UX design

UX (User Experience) is how a companies product is experienced at all touchpoints by a customer. Within web design it is primarily concerned with how the user interacts with the interface

How does it help my company?

UX design seeks to understand more about how your customers engage with your business. By knowing how they use your website and the pain points they are feeling you can improve their experience. This results in happier customers which inevitably leads to greater sales or leads.

Aren't you just a web designer really?

Yes and no. I've been designing websites since 1999 but started using UX techniques to inform my designs whilts working at ao.com in 2011. I want UX research to be an essential part of the process. If you want web design without the research have a look at my freelance web design services

So, where have I worked previously...

Since 1999 I have worked in the web design industry, working in various companies and industries across different departments and disciplines


Freelance web designer - Siminki

Freelancer web design for a diverse range of clients ranging from design agencies to national companies such as Carcraft. Working from my base in Manchester I have attracted clients from around the world who found my portfolio on design galleries or via search engines. Keen to learn and grow I have recently completed a conversion rate course led by industry expert Peep Laja.

  • Featured on Smashing Magazine - worlds most popular web design blog
  • Ranked highly on search engines for keyphrases 'freelance web designer'

UX/web designer at ao.com

Worked in-house at ecommerce success story ao.com across design, frontend development and UX helping them become the leading supplier of white goods in the UK.

  • Introduced a number of best practice UX processes and techniques
  • Increased sales by 9.5% through UX work on the product page.
  • Helped retrieve a forecasted £1 million of sales for the year through work on cart abandonment and save the basket emails.

Web designer - SLG Marketing

Solely responsible for web design and front end development, introducing a number of best practices at this Manchester marketing agency. Designed and built websites for large construction companies including Anchorwall, Alumasc, Polypipe, Innovare and Tensar.


Web designer - Portfolio Europe (Manheim)

Secured this position within a week of completing a Masters degree in Creative Technology. Designed and maintained Flash and HTML websites for popular car manufacturers including Chrysler, Jeep, Subaru, Saab and Mitsubishi.

Salford Uni

Masters degree - Salford University

Completed the Creative Technology MA/PgDip course where I learnt (then) evolving technologies like Flash and HTML. Final project exhibited at the Cube in Manchester.

Some of the companies websites I have been fortunate enough to work on...

Previous clients

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I'm looking to work with companies who want to improve their website using proven techniques and the latest UX research tools. If thats you then lets connect and see how we can work together...